ROAST is a digital marketing agency specialising in turning insights and data into successful campaigns. Their old website had 15k visitors in the last six months; however, visitors attention was not held, with 11k dropping off the homepage straight away. Customer journeys were cut short for several reasons – lack of information, uninspiring copy, unclear messaging, and poor UX. 
ROAST needed a dynamic redesign to highlight its technical capabilities and demonstrate award-winning case studies. Additionally, it was essential to ROAST that their data and campaign results were showcased throughout the website as they excelled above their competitors. 
The new design is eye-catching, interactive, and bursting with content. The colour palette is bold and bright, with yellow and black contrasting to make a visual impact. In addition, the dynamic layouts allow the marketing team to update the content when needed, making it easier to build content over time. ROAST are delighted with the designs, and the website is currently in development.

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