Designer | Marketeer | Strategist
Brochures, websites, apps, invitations, logos, email campaigns and adverts — there isn’t anything Mackenzie can't design. Her work has featured in publications such as How To Spend It and Country & Town House, and has won awards at the TMAs. 
She's an intuitive designer whose style lends itself to visionary brands. Her experience with both in-house marketing teams and agencies has led to a deep understanding of strategic design and effective customer experience. Since 2013, she has helped brands such as Google, Facebook, Toyota, MTV, Grand Designs, and Cookson Adventures bring their unique offering to life.
It's through this creative vision that she can help you cut through busy markets, at either end of the scale, and connect to your audience on a more meaningful level. 
Outside of design, you can find her travelling to new destinations for a culture shock, taking photographs or trying her hand at new recipes. 
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